Brainz Workday!

We begin our day at Brainz with a daily huddle at 9 am. Brainz daily huddle begins with the reading of the verse of the day selected under the themes of love, holiness, justice and relationship. This is closely followed by a daily prayer led by any member of the team. During Brainz’s huddle, all members of the team are given the opportunity to share the accomplishments of previous day, roadblocks in the execution of the previous day’s job, suggestions on how to overcome the roadblocks and ways to improve on services provided. The team also takes time to share our values and ideology and discuss ways to practice our values. The 15 minutes daily huddle ends with sharing feedback from employees.

After the daily huddle, the business of the day is related to staffing, home care, and all other work related issues. Brainz’s office hours ends at 5pm but an on call staff is available 24/24, 7 days a week through the after-hours call option on 7632059730.