Brainz Service Standards

Standard 1: Brainz is a recognizable and legal business entity that assumes full legal authority and responsibility for the operation of the business.

Standard 2: Brainz complies with all applicable federal, state, county, and municipal rules, regulations and legislation that govern the operation of the business and any applicable licensure or certification requirements. This includes employment laws and regulations, health and safety, etc.

Standard 3: Brainz, as an employer, is responsible for paying the employees, unemployment insurance tax, social security tax, Medicare tax and state and federal income tax withholdings.

Standard 4: Brainz carries Workers’ Compensation Insurance, General and Professional Liability Insurance and Fidelity bond (theft) Insurance.

Standard 5: Reference checks, drivers’ license checks, auto insurance checks and a criminal background check are done on all employees prior to hiring. A TB skin test and immunizations may also be required.

Standard 6: Services are delivered by qualified, competent, experienced, trained and/or certified staff. The Home Care Assistants are supervised by a qualified staff member.

Standard 7: Potential clients are provided verbally, or in writing, comprehensive information explaining the services and their limitations in order to make informed decisions. This may include a Services Plan, Contract/Agreement, costs, client rights and responsibilities, etc.

Standard 8: Service is delivered in a safe manner and minimizes the risk of harm to clients, staff, the environment and the community-at-large.

Standard 9: Confidentiality of client information is protected and clients’ rights, privacy and ethno-cultural needs are respected and promoted.

Standard 10: Services are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week including holidays.

Standard 11: An annual evaluation is conducted and a continuous quality improvement process is in place.