Brainz Staffing Solutions is a division of Brainz established in Minnesota to respond to the nursing shortage. Recruitment and retention of RNs, LPNs, and CNAs in nursing jobs in Minnesota, and the U.S. are a major concern for health care providers. Some studies are reporting annual turnover rates for aides working in a nursing home approaching 100%. With the aging of the population, demand for nurses and nursing assistants is expected to grow dramatically, while the supply of workers who have traditionally filled these jobs will remain virtually unchanged. According to the Institute of Medicine and provider associations, a serious shortage of nursing assistants already exists.

The nursing shortage is expected to worsen in the future with pressures expected on both demand and supply. Nursing home facilities and assisted living facilities and hospitals have a lot of difficulties finding replacement staff when staff members call in sick or can’t make it to work for some other reason. Most nurses and CNAs prefer flexible schedules, rather than the fixed schedules of a nursing home or hospital setting.

We offer one of the most comprehensive salary and benefits packages for nurse professionals.

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